4 floor elevator fsm

4 floor elevator fsm

Assumptions : Lift service is between two floors only. If lift doors remain open due to malfunctioning of door etc. The direction of motion of motor changed automatically according to position of lift. No lift calling system. Lift controller operation : If the lift is downstairs, Close the doors Start the lift fan and check for closed door. Select the motor direction to upward Start motor and go up.

Check for top floor position Switch off lift fan and motor Open the doors If the lift is upstairs, Close the doors Start the lift fan and check for closed door. Select the motor direction to downward Start motor and go down. Check for ground floor position Switch off lift fan and motor Open the doors Table below shows the input and output signals opeartion.

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Hanks Elevator FSM Simulation

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Thyristor characteristics of thyristor gate characteristics of thyristor ratings of thyristor thyristor commutation thyristor commutation techniques triggering circuit of thyristor. Project ideas. Arduino projects arduino projects.Add the following snippet to your HTML:. It's an elevator with automatic doors. The code has two FSM, one for the motor that makes it go up and down and one for the automatic door.

This project was made for a class at Universidade do Algarve. The project had a first version and this is the final one. The main goal with this project is to learn about Arduino and programming. Also develop the concepts that we learned at university. As you can see, it has two FSM. One for the motor that makes it go up and down and one for the automatic doors. The LED represent the movements of the elevator and the doors. The displays show the floors. There are two displays beacause one is for the floors that a person call and the other one for the floors that the elevator is passing through.

The code has a function that turns binary numbers to decimal. Beacause of that, we can see the number of the floor on the display. The function of the ultrasonic sensor is to activate de doors if someone pass through it. So if the door is closing and someone passes through the sensor, it connects with the doors and makes them open again.

Please log in or sign up to comment. Project showcase by Pawan singh and Akansh Saxena. The purpose of this project was to the control an automatic gate with Arduino Nano using finite state machine method and interrupts. It is about the warning box that people who boarded on elevator despite the non-disabled. Project showcase by chenwei Sign In. My dashboard Add project. Elevator with 4 floors and automatic doors by goncalobv 3, views 1 comment 5 respects.

Elevator with 4 floors and automatic doors It's an elevator with automatic doors.

4 floor elevator fsm

Project - Code. Project - Code Arduino. Project - Schematic Download. Author goncalobv 1 project 4 followers Follow.Latest Projects Education. Homework Help Fsm for a simple elevator. Home Forums Education Homework Help.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Fsm for a simple elevator. Thread starter Meph Floyd Start date Dec 5, Search Forums New Posts. Hi all On each floor there is a button to call the elevator,and in the car there are two buttons to choose the floor that we want to go.

The push of each button is a seperate input signal,and pushing two buttons at the same time is not allowed,but there is a case when none of the buttons is pushed. Scroll to continue with content. Georacer Joined Nov 25, 5, It could be as simple as him wanting you to incorporate a reset switch in the circuit.

4 floor elevator fsm

Well i know that i have 4 inputs for all the buttons one on each floor and two in the car ,and two floors that i labeled L0 and L1. Now i tried the next logic PM0 - if i am in the elevator and i want to go on the bottom floor L0. P1 - if i am on the first floor L1 and i want to call the elevator. PM1 - if i am in the elevator and i want to go on the first floor L1. My state diagram FSM is attached So if i make codings like: L0 is 0 L1 is 1 my coding table and next coded states are also attached Now becouse the professor wants me to define a reset signal i define it with the inputs 0,0,0,0 and the L0 state I hope you can help me What is the order of the inputs in your transition diagram and table?

And something else: Do you want to take into account the case that more than one button is pressed, say both floors request the elevator at the same time? This decision is very important. If you assume only one input is active at any time, you can simplify your circuit by encoding your 4 inputs into 2 bits.

The drawback is that you can't handle all possible scenarios that can happen. I agree that you need only one FF. I don't see why your professor wants you to use two FF. If you want, though, we can build a system for two.There are plenty of ways to implement a multi-stories elevator model. You can use the simplest hardware just using step-motor and time the motor ON period, and no floor detection sensors and code the control program in a brute force manner.

If you are lucky, you might have covered all situations in a few sessions. Conversely, you might have forgotten what happened to the elevator car when the Level 2 button is pressed and the elevator car is at Level 4. To make it even more simple, you can even do it the Flintstone way just kidding with hardware only and no control software. With FSM, the control scheme can be designed in a systematic manner that covers all cases. This FSM is based on the Moore machine.

In FSM, the system is represented by a few states. This is best illustrated with an example below. This system takes in a stream of zeros and ones and outputs a 1 any time it gets the input sequence Before the state machine for the elevator control can be drawn, a special table called the Huffman table is required to capture the logic of it.

This is shown in Table I below. Lastly, the sensors and hardware can be assembled, and a switch statement can be used for each of the states. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content There are plenty of ways to implement a multi-stories elevator model. Link to Flintstone of elevator. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Exercise #6: Finite State Machine (Elevator)

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4 floor elevator fsm

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Elevator with 4 floors and automatic doors

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